Advanced Rheumatology & Arthritis Wellness Center, PC is a full service autoimmune infusion center.

We are at the forefront of rheumatic medications, FDA approved therapeutics, warnings, advisories, and the overall well-being of our patients. Our highly skilled physicians and staff provide all patients with a safe, comfortable, and controlled environment to ensure the highest level of infusion treatment services.

Our infusion center is able to accommodate patients who receive:

We also provide injection training for:

What can I expect at my appointment?

Procedures vary depending on where you’ll be receiving your infusion, but there are things you may expect:

  • You may be asked to arrive early to complete any registration or other paperwork
  • Your healthcare provider will perform a general assessment of health and vital signs such as blood pressure
  • You may be given medication to help lessen any potential infusion reactions
  • The appropriate dose of your medication will be calculated using information from your vital signs, such as your weight
  • Your arm or hand will be prepared. The needle will be inserted and held in place with tape
  • Your vital signs will be monitored regularly